Alysen is a level 3 Franklin Method Educator, Franklin Method Faculty Member, founder of Franklin Method Equestrian and Train Your Seat.

Alysen grew up riding at her grandparents farm where she developed her love for horses. She graduated with a BA from the University of Alberta and has a movement background in dance and pilates.

Alysen got her start in the horse world while working with a professional dressage rider. Since then, she’s been working extensively with equestrians from several disciplines on improving their mind-body coordination both in and out of the saddle using the Franklin Method.

In 2017, she partnered with Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin to create the first official Franklin Method online course for equestrians called “Train Your Seat”.

Alysen has found consistently that the application of the Franklin Method within riding has created lasting positive change in the minds and bodies of riders. With better body organization and more efficient movement, the connection between horse and rider becomes clearer and more precise.

As the lead faculty member for Franklin Method Equestrian, she travels internationally teaching workshops and FME teacher trainings.